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In the Heart of Slovakia: Bojnice

Spending the last two weeks in Bojnice confirmed what I already suspected – I am falling in love with Slovakia.  The small town beneath Bojnice Castle is bursting with charm and we were overwhelmed with hospitality. Our hosts here made sure to not only make us feel comfortable, but to show us what daily life is truly like for the people of Slovakia. Here we were graciously invited into several homes for great conversation and our first tastes of authentic, homemade Slovakian meals.  I also got the chance to horseback ride for the first time since I was 12, hike through the autumn-colored hills surrounding the town, explore a castle fit for Cinderella, visit one of Slovakia’s four zoos, witness an intense hockey practice, and, most notably, try Zumba for the first – and then the second –  time (which was most necessary to off-set my high intake of Slovakian cuisine). Even after staying a weekend beyond what my teaching duties called for, I was very sad to see Bojnice go, but it will be remembered as the place where I began to understand what it means to live in Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle from the hills above

Fall foliage finally comes to Slovakia

Celebrating the big 23rd birthday with a hike, the best way to celebrate if you ask me.

Generally being in love with life and fall.

My little rambunctious students on our trip to the zoo. They are completely oblivious to how cool it is to have a castle in your town.

They do know how to draw a mean giraffe though. This adorable poster made up for all of their eight-year-old antics.

Paragliding. The new number one item on my Eastern Europe bucket list.

As far as silhouettes go, Bojnice Castle pretty much takes the ideal-castle cake.

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Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle

My last two weeks were spent under the shadow of this castle in Bojnice, Slovakia. More to come soon.

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