Who I Am

 I’m Lisa Malmgren. I’m 23 years old and am literally, as I claim, incurably stir crazy.  With a world this big and full of opportunities, I figure there really is no time to wait around for a better time to start experiencing it. So, because of this, after graduating from my beloved St. Bonaventure University, I decided it was time to start attacking my dream to travel the world via teaching English as a foreign language (affectionately known as TEFL). After taking my certification course in Costa Rica, my first teaching position has landed me in Eastern-Central Europe, traveling between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.  I hope my journey doesn’t end here, but experiencing these countries on such a deep level has been an amazing thus far and I hope you enjoy what I have to share.


The focus of Incurably Stir Crazy is not to encourage people to drop what they are doing and stuff their lives into a backpack, but just to embrace where you are and experience it to the fullest. Our generation seems to be falling away from living in the moment. We are absorbed in other people’sstatuses and tweets, living our lives on the internet and in front of the television rather than immersing ourselves in the world around us.  Incurably Stir Crazy is about embracing what is around you at the moment and always looking for something new to experience.

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