Exploring the High Tatras

So, as I mentioned earlier, my philosophy is the higher the better. I like hills, I love mountains, and I appreciate both exponentially more when I’ve reached the top. So when heading to Eastern Slovakia this past weekend, I had no choice but to stop by the Northern Slovakian mountain range, the High Tatras, for some hiking along the way.

Prior to my own excursion to Eastern-Central Europe, I had never even heard of this mountain range. More than likely, this is far more due to my own ignorance rather than their lack of reputation. However, if as few people outside of Slovakia realize what they are missing as I suspect, the High Tatras and the towns that lie in their shadow are being shorted of the reputation they deserve. I could go on for hours describing the undisrupted natural beauty, but the pictures tell a far better story than I ever could, so enjoy!

As far as mountain homes go, this is pretty near perfection.

View from the start of the trail

Interesting whirly weed. Not sure what it is, but I enjoy it.

Nearing the top of Siroke Sedlo

More than half way up Siroke Sedlo

We had to bundle as near the top the mountain became snowy…

And the way grew treacherous.

But of course, it was all more than worth it when we reached the top.

After the long hike up, we had to revel in the immensity for a while.

Our new Slovakian friends, who were setting up radio antennas, peering at some far-off mountain goats

Chris found the perfect rocky mountain perch.

I have a newfound adoration and fascination with mountain goats. How they navigate these rocks without crashing to a gruesome death on a daily basis is amazing. This is also one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

When we first set off, I was hoping we’d catch a glimpse of a goat. I didn’t expect to see so many of them so close!

The other side of the mountain

Eating some mountain snow

A hike-in, hike-out restaurant which was totally packed. As wonderful as our snacks were, it was absolutely wonderful to come across six hours into hiking.

A fantastic way to re-energize for the last two hours.

Just when my soggy feet were starting to get really cold, the sun finally decided to show itself.

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3 thoughts on “Exploring the High Tatras

  1. oh yeah, the mtn goat & horizon picture just rocks

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