Snippets of Griffis Sculpture Park

I’ve driven past the sign for Griffis Sculpture Park hundreds of time on my way to Buffalo. The aging wooden advertisement accompanied by a primary colored structure along US Route 219 in Ashford, NY always mildly interested me.  However time never allowed me to actually venture off-course and view these alleged sculptures.  But this week, when I finally made the turn off the main route, I found the sculpture park, which holds the distinction of being one of the largest and oldest in the country, to be an otherworldly experience.

The two park locations act as an outdoor art museum.  Larger-than-life sculptures loom in open fields and others peek from between the trees besides paths in the woods.  Such unique structures in such an unsuspected location can leave visitors feeling as though they stumbled upon something almost extraterrestrial. Art set against the backdrop of the natural environment is rarely seen at such a large scale and is most definitely worth the detour to Griffis Sculpture Park.

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2 thoughts on “Snippets of Griffis Sculpture Park

  1. Dr. Denny

    Delightful. Griffis is my favorite place in western New York.

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